Over 20 Years of Experience

Wetland Constructors of Binghamton, NY is proud to provide wetland construction and repair throughout Upstate NY. We are experts in the construction, repair, and maintenance of private ponds and wetlands. We are also experienced in wetland mitigation work as well as the construction of waterfowl and upland game habitats. We have been providing these quality services for over 20 years to property owners, builders, and architects throughout the Southern Tier and beyond, our team has established relationships with suppliers and other contractors to handle your project no matter how large or small.

Our team is specifically kept small to keep the customer-contractor relationship strong. When we come do a job, we want to walk away and never have to fix it once your project is complete!

We own all our equipment, to ensure it is all well maintained, and transported on and off your site at a timely manner. If we need additional equipment, materials, or assistance, to complete your project, you can be sure you are getting the best of the best in every area.

With our well-maintained equipment, traveling to various sites to build, repair, and maintain private ponds, we also do wetland mitigation work, and build waterfowl, upland game habitat. We do NOT do your average construction jobs (pipe, driveways, concrete, etc.). We ONLY perform pond and wetland work, this insures you that our main focus is on building you a strong, good-looking pond that will hold water for years to come!


Decide where you would like to install your pond on your property, what budget and time frame you have to work with, and give us a call!

When you call, we can schedule an estimate, take a walk through of the property, come up with a game plan of how big of a pond you want, what shape you want it, and where we can build it on your property. The next step would be to schedule a small excavator to come and dig several test holes in the area of the prospected pond to see what we have to work with for dirt, and to make sure we don’t have a shale issue. If the test holes are successful and we can perform work on your pond, we will then proceed to schedule your pond build.

Some counties/towns do require permits depending on where you are building the pond, permits are relatively easy to acquire.

Our Company can handle getting the permit if needed.

All pond projects vary on price depending on size, location, soil materials, and specifics of the job.


Deciding where you want the location of you pond, and the boundaries of where it should be shaped is all we need, after the build we can show you what needs to be done maintenance wise, although minimal pond maintenance is required we still want to ensure that you keep a healthy pond.